Hello 2018

Firstly, I recognise only parts of the globe start a new year on today’s spin around the poles. When you travel through the greater part of the world which celebrates on a different day, season, month you get to enjoy it more than once a year! And, admit it, Luna New Year fireworks are better 🙂 There are in fact at least 6 completely different New Years around the world.


So, how was your Gregorian year?


I had a few highlights. Going back to the alps for some solitary retreat in true wilderness off-trail was necessary to find some peace and clarity as well as some fun camping in the snow. Free tickets to the Happiness & Its Causes conference fueled my drive as i resumed The Happy Walk. This year, as I walked from Gladstone to Numinbah Valley, I left the old barrow behind and carried a backpack for about 1,200kms along 4WD trails, beaches and bushwalks. This gave me the opportunity to stay away from roads and take lots of detours and side trips, explore national parks and some incredible multi-day end-to-end walks including K’Gari Fraser Island Great Walk, Cooloola Great Walk, Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk and (half of) the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk. The biggest highlight not in Nature was speaking at the Women’s Adventure Expo in Sydney. Before and after my presentation I was able to meet lots of incredible women also pursuing lives of adventure and personal challenge.


It was a cool surprise to end the year being nominated for the Liebster Award 2017 and asked to join the Actually Autistic Blog List , a list of blogs by autistic writers.


The Liebster Award involves a heap of rules which I won’t follow because I don’t like rules but I want to say thank you to My Dream Waldon for her nomination.


I’m hoping the New Year continues as it starts. Today, New Years Day, I will be on air with Kia Handley from ABC Radio (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) chatting about adventure during the Summer Afternoons radio programme. If you are interested in tuning into the show it starts at 1pm (Australia Sydney time) and live streams through NSW regional frequencies. Click this link for the Mid North Coast ABC station page and live stream link.


In a couple of weeks i will be having a chat with Jen Brown from Sparta Chicks Radio about walking 20,000kms alone and the intellectual, emotional and psychological breakthroughs and discoveries. As a podcast, this will be a deeper discussion than I have had with anyone else about adventure, motivation and strength. I’ll post again when I know the date it goes online.


I have about 900kms left to walk from where i fell, breaking and dislocating my ankle, on the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk to Newcastle. This will complete my 16,000km solo walk around Australia without support vehicles. About half of this i have walked previously and along those sections I will invite people to join me. You are welcome to be part of this.


I have plans for a long ride around Australia but before I head off I will write a book about my adventures on foot which contributed to over 20,000kms of walking solo in Australia and internationally. A Book Bike Tour might be the next big expedition. Expect to see the book on shelves before next xmas and if you said you’ll buy a copy I’ll ride to your door and make sure you did. Just kidding, I’ll only be interested in using your bathroom and laundry!


In 2018 there will be more podcast and radio interviews, some magazine stories, public speaking and adventure. I’ll update you throughout the year and let you know when and where to find exclusive extracts from the book as I write.


So that’s a wrap.


Happy New Year!




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