Welcome to Terra Roams

Hi! Welcome!

My name is Terra Roam. Yes, this is my real name 🙂

I am a 45yo vegan human powered female adventurer, speaker and writer. The speaking and writing roles are works in progress. Adventure pursuits in many forms have been part of my life since a kid, sailing, kayaking, abseiling, riding, trail running, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing but mostly trekking. It is both for the pleasure of being in nature and the personal challenge of pushing beyond my limits and breaking sterotypes.

Over the last 4 years I have been walking solo for nearly 16,000kms around Australia, unaccompanied by any other walkers and no support vehicles. I have nearly finished my lap of Australia on foot, pushing, pulling and carrying everything I have needed for each climate and environment and long distances between water and supplies.

This huge expedition and many other long walks combine to a total of almost 22,000kms of solo trekking in Australia and internationally.

This year I am transitioning everything from my old walking blog and social media to something far more interesting and diverse. A real variety of topics and travel tales.

Here at Terra Roams I will share the adventures of other intrepid women and men and invite people to join me as I continue exploring human powered adventure pursuits here and across the globe.

During my walks I have a lot of time to adapt and meditate so I will also share some of the insights which have helped me along the way like minimalism, slowing down, seeking beauty, solitude, tips and tricks to make treks easier and the value of Nature.

If you are currently participating in an exciting human powered adventure, expedition, trek and would like me to share it, or join you for a day or so, let me know all about it. I’m always keen to hear about what other people are doing.

If you are a publisher or events organiser and would like me to contribute please contact me.

I hope you enjoy my new blog. The old one with 2 years of stories will stay open at https://thehappywalkblog.wordpress.com/

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Share it 🙂

For Adventure!


P.S. I don’t normally edit because I’m frugal with phone battery power and data. I’m pretty relaxed about mistakes. I write, publish then leave it alone. It’s all good.


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