3 Exciting New Initiatives

Each year I think this is going to be the year women adventurers will be equally recognised for their achievements. Each year I also hope my solo unaccompanied walk around Australia will be recognised and supported. This is the year!


As a woman adventurer I know first hand how hard, sometimes impossible, it is to have your achievements recognised. For example, when I became the first woman to walk the length (and breadth) of Western Australia solo without any support vehicles via the coasts I sent out media releases to every state and national news media program but it was only mentioned in passing by two local news programs when I arrived in Darwin. It is actually a big deal doing something like that, more than 6,000kms took 9 months of walking (broken up by safety breaks for summer and wet season). Being the first woman to do such a feat should have been something to celebrate. When I finish my 16,000km+ solo unaccompanied walk around Australia in Newcastle this year, becoming the first woman to do this alone without vehicle support, I hope there will be more interest and support for Australian and Women’s achievements.


It is a very real struggle to be acknowledged, even within adventure networks. Many of us are already 100% committed to our pursuits and will do everything it takes to achieve them but when our peers, friends, family and the public support and believe in us, when outdoor and adventure networks and businesses sponsor us, when media cheer us on it makes the hard parts easier and the good parts great!


Last year a group of women working in the adventure industry, founders of their own businesses and projects designed to encourage women to participate in outdoor adventure activities gathered together and created the Australian Women’s Adventure Alliance.


“The Australian Women’s Adventure Alliance (AWAA) is made up of a group of individuals who are ready to make a united stand to fight for equality, empowerment and inclusion for each and every Australian woman to be able to let their inner adventurer shine. 
No matter your size, shape, experience, race, age or background, we will continue fighting for this generation and those to follow, to make the outdoors accessible to all as a welcoming and even playing field.”


I am very excited about the changes we will see this year across the whole outdoor adventure industry. You can help by contributing to the Women’s Adventure Survey which will be used to advise, develop and expand the current limited clothing and gear range for women as well as activities and programs designed to encourage adventure for every woman. Click on the link below to take the survey.




The most exciting initiative to happen this year is the Women’s Adventure Grant by Australia’s leading women’s adventure magazine Travel Play Live! 4 women will receive a $5,000 grant to help their adventure project or expedition.


There are 4 categories.

Expeditions for Change

Adventure Film and Photography

Young Adventurers

Women Adventurers over 50


The Women’s Adventure Grant is unique because it doesn’t have an “epic” prerequisite for applicants or their projects. Every woman planning or already embarked on their adventure quest can apply. Don’t let the size of your project or social media following stop you from applying because our passions and endeavours are measured in more than numbers.


Click the links below to read about the grant and apply. Please share these links with other women who will be interested in applying.





2018 is not only the year for recognition and support of Women’s Adventure Achievements but also record breaking support and sponsorship for Australian adventures and adventurers. Let’s get rid of our global reputation of not supporting our adventurers and become a nation who loves the great outdoors and the women and men who inspire us to get out there and explore.


For Adventure!