Walk With Me

It’s that time again. The walk resumes this weekend in Springbrook QLD with a 900km section along the coast.

This is the shortest section of the entire walk around Australia so hopefully there will be less time and distance for things to go wrong. Said in jest, so many plans have changed, injuries and surprises have caused delays and detours along the way.

Mark it in your diary!!!

At 1800hrs Wednesday 2nd May i will become the first woman to walk around Australia solo without a support vehicle.

The official end of my very long walk is Nobbys Beach in Newcastle and you are all invited!

Nobbys and Newcastle are both significant places for me. I was born in Newcastle in lived there for 16 years before moving to Kosciuszko National Park. Many of my school friends and relatives are still there or have returned. Nobbys Beach was the end of my second solo unsupported conservation awareness walk, 1,400kms from Melbourne via the mountains in 2009.

Nobbys will close the circuit of the mainland plus 1,250kms around Tasmania. The total distance walked does not include the section in the Top End i skipped after someone tried killing me.

There are some kilometres in the next 900 i am familiar with, about 500 of them. Apart from the walk around Australia i clocked up close to 3,000kms solo on the east coast for fun, training and other fundraising.

I don’t technically need to walk all 900kms solo so i’m putting up these maps and a rough itinerary of the parts where friends, family and followers can walk with me.


Map key

Blue – walk with me

Yellow – solo



3 Springbrook

10 Mullumbimby

17 Teven

23 Yamba

30 Coffs Harbour


7 Stuarts Point

16 Bonny Hills

24 Forster


2 Newcastle

Need to know

I have a few ground rules for anyone joining me. These will make it more enjoyable and clearly set down what we can expect from each other and the experience.

You are responsible for all your needs and safety including transport to and from, walking and camping kit, footwear, rain gear, repairs, food, cooker, fuel, water, purifier, 1st aid kit, PLB, power source for gadgets, safety gear, map and compass, etc. I will walk 15-25kms a day with 1-2 rest days a week. Walking with people is a new thing for me so we don’t need to stick together all day. If we walk at different speeds, need some solitude to fully appreciate the natural surroundings or just some time out from each other we can plan places to be together during the day. We might walk and talk together from the moment we wake to falling asleep. We might not even need to talk to enjoy each others company. We won’t know until out there but respect for each other’s space and peace will help us get along. I will be stopping to meditate as well as walking meditation through the day. My solo walking routine won’t change 🙂

Contact me

For more information please email terraroams@gmail.com or message me through Facebook or Instagram so we can engage and discuss details more thoroughly.