The Event

I have been slack with the blog. Been busy walking!

There is an event planned to mark the completion of my solo unsupported 17,000km walk around Australia.

Friends, family and supporters are all invited.

Come on down to Nobbys Beach at 6pm on Wednesday 2nd May and celebrate* the achievements of Terra Roam, an Australian Geographic Society sponsored adventurer, as she becomes the first woman and sixth person ever to walk around Australia solo without a support vehicle.

This epic 4yr 17,000km expedition is part of a lifetime of adventure pursuits on land and at sea including more than 22,000kms of solo trekking through Australian wilderness and outback and overseas.

Terra also invites friends, family and followers to join her on Stockton Beach**at 3pm or at the Stockton ferry to Newcastle at 4pm to arrive at Nobbys Beach at 5pm on Wednesday afternoon to walk the final kilometres together.

If you would like to join us for a picnic please bring your chairs, blankets and warm clothing.

Terra is vegan and requests we make this an animal cruelty free event.

* BYO because Terra is now a very broke adventurer

** Terra will be catching the ferry between Stockton and Newcastle because she hasn’t mastered the art of walking on water yet