Media Storm

After the overwhelmingly positive media coverage in Port Macquarie if i never have media coverage again i will not complain.

I was concerned this mammoth achievement, personal and a first for women, would go unrecognised or acknowledged but i can put that to rest.

It was mostly accidental and unexpected but i have a feeling it is the peak of my fame (laughing at myself).

On the way to the Settlement Village ferry i met Luisa from ABC Mid North Coast radio while she enjoyed the warm sun on the beach with her daughter and friends. We did an impromtu interview before inviting me around for a vegemite sandwich and shower. This went to air the next day and became local news!

On Monday i had arranged to meet Port Macquarie News writer Laura and Jess from NBN News TV.

Only 2kms further around the track i literally walk into another local story about walking. The coast track around the Port Macquarie beaches and headlands is so popular with locals and visitors it is going to be upgraded!

I met Mayor Peta Pinson and MP Leslie Williams!

Sam from Channel 7, taking advantage of the opportunity, did a story there and then which went to air the next night.

Meeting photographer Ivan Sajko resulted in my story making the cover of the paper! You have no idea how bizarre it feels to see your ugly mug on the front page of the news. I’m not immune to vanity so was glad Ivan caught a flattering angle 😅

Thank you to everyone, reporters, writers, photographers, cameramen, editors and programmers for all your interest and amazing support!