The Dog Who took Home the Stray Human

Just before sunset in Brunswick Heads I met Maurice and Em.

Em started bringing her frizbee to me to play.

Maurice and I started talking about the local area, I mentioned my dilemma. Maurice wore an old Australian Geographic jacket, seeing the logo of my sponsors suddenly put me at ease.

It transpired that Em’s owners (Maurice was dog walking while they were away on holidays) have an old Queenslander, a traditional timber house built in flood prone places on stilts. He rang them to check if it was okay if I hang my hammock under the house between the posts.

Em was pretty stoked with this arrangement.

We continued to play at home, then I read her some of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass before she retired to her bed on the balcony upstairs. An electrical storm brought her back down stairs so I lay my sleeping mat on the ground for her within arms length of my hammock so I could reassure her through the lightning and thunder.

I think we enjoyed each other’s company equally and I will always be grateful I met Maurice and Em in the rain in Brunswick.