Port Macquarie Coastal Walk – A Photo Story

This part of the walk has been mentioned before in the post called Media Storm but I did not write much about the Port Macquarie Coastal Walk.

It is an easy 11km walk along the beaches and headlands of the coastline from Port Macquarie CBD to Tacking Point Lighthouse. It can be walked in shorter sections with lots of access points and carparks at beaches and lookouts and there are even local buses which stop at either end and enroute.

I kept walking south from Lighthouse Beach to Lake Cathie where my parents drove up to meet me. There is a picture of Dad walking up the beach. It was a stinking hot day and hard work on the soft sand at high tide but worth every step.

portmac walk1portmac walk2 (2)portmac walk3 (2)portmac walk4 (2)portmac walk5 (2)portmac walk6portmac walk7 (2)portmac walk8 (2)portmac walk9portmac walk10portmac walk11 (2)portmac walk12 (2)portmac walk13 (2)portmac walk14 (2)portmac walk15 (2)portmac walk16 (2)portmac walk18portmac walk19 (2)portmac walk20 (2)portmac walk21 (2)portmac walk22 (2)portmac walk23 (2)portmac walk24portmac walk25portmac walk26portmac walk27 (2)portmac walk28 (2)