Blueys By The Beach

At Blueys Beach I celebrated my 46th birthday and Blueys By The Beach donated a room for 2 nights!

Thank you!

blueys by the beach5

blueys by the beach4

blueys by the beach2

It was finally beginning to feel like autumn with increasing wet and windy days and cold nights. The change in weather began draining my energy or just made me moody. I’m easily effected by weather. Walking every day, through all weather, sleeping every night in a hammock in the cold, dew, storms, wind, is a challenge. I accept the challenge as I know the rain and storm will pass, the stars or sun will appear, everything will be good again in the sunshine. Sometimes I escape and stay indoors to rest properly.

7 mile beach2

7 mile beach

Walking from Forster to Blueys I went through 3 storms. After the first 2 it was sunny and windy so I dried out but not after the 3pm storm, it stayed wet and cold for 2 days. You can just imagine how lucky I felt staying at Blueys By The Beach, warm and dry. I couldn’t have asked for anything more on my birthday than clean clothes, dry gear and comfort.


gogerly island


After 2 restful nights I continued south. I often don’t know where I will end the day when I start, it depends on how fast I walk, obstacles, distractions and change of plans. This day had all of these. I set off from Blueys and headed out to the Lakes Way, taking a few side trips to both get off the road and simple curiosity. Eventually I stood opposite the dirt road I had planned to take back out to the beach, it was Saturday, peak fishing season and busy with 4WD traffic stirring up a perpetual cloud of dust. It was supposed to be a way to cross the sandbar and find the old tracks to Seal Rocks Road, not a short cut, just a better way to walk/trek than up the road, but I had already made a Plan B and Plan C.

wallis creek

smiths lake1

smiths lake2

smiths lake3

Seeing the dust stirred up by all the traffic I decided to try Plan B, walk to Smiths Lake, have a soy latte at Frothys and hitch a lift across the lake to a track on the opposite side. A father and son came in to the boat ramp after a day out on the lake and they agreed to take me over. We couldn’t see the track so they dropped me off at the research campus. I was able to refill my water bottles, shelter from a storm and recharge my phone before continuing to Neranie Camp, arriving in last light, setting up the hammock in the dark. One of the other campers came over to check out my Tier Gear hammock system and invited me over to meet the family who just happens to be “Journey By Foot” aka Amy Simpson who organises bushwalks in and around Sydney.

smiths lake4

As I had not planned to be camping at Neranie and their online booking system glitches if you try after 5pm I had to illegally camp and in the restricted area because there were no trees on the campsites suitable for the hammock. I had to leave before sunrise to beat the rangers. Brigand or Buffoon, sometimes I’m not sure but situations like this call for a bit of both.

neranie head

At least, at that time of the morning it was cool and quiet on the Seal Rocks Road!

seal rocks1

This is a pretty road, some fog clung to the trees and above the sky was clear. Birds flew between trees and across the road from canopy to canopy while wallabies and other small marsupials went about their dawn business. There is a creative streak amongst the humans of Seal Rocks on display along the road too.

seal rocks2

seal rocks3

I have been to Seal Rocks only twice before, walking up from the south and when I was touring the east coast in Reggie (Regina), my old 1972 kombi VW camper van. It is a beautiful township, just far enough off the main road to have escaped development but still very popular with holiday makers. The beaches are suitable for families, there are a few surf spots and lots of accommodation and camping options.

seal rocks4

If you love coffee then you will love the Single Fin Coffee Van who made me 2 soy lattes when I reached the top of the hill. It was exceptionally good coffee and I’ll be making a detour on the next expedition for another. I should start advertising the next expedition as a coffee tour of Australia.

single fin