I Did It!

On the 2nd May 2018 I became the first woman to walk 17,200 kilometers “AROUND” Australia alone and without any support vehicles.

After more than 4 years of walking, injuries, surgeries, mental health management, starting 4 different blogging platforms and abandoning 3 of them, quitting facebook with 6K followers then starting from zero again a year later and the same with Instagram, quitting Twitter at 1K, constant changes to plans, 3 very close calls with death and circumnavigating an entire continent on foot, it is finally a completed quest.

There will be no more of these walking diary posts because I have another big quest starting in 2 months. I’ll leave you with a bunch of photos and media links.

Australian Geographic

Red Bull

ABC News

Weekend Today

Newcastle Herald

1st woman41st woman1st woman3

And that’s a wrap!