Hayley Talbot

“We can kayak across the river? I’ll tow a kayak across and meet you there. Let me check the tides.”


Kayaking across the mouth of the Clarence River is nothing for Hayley Talbot who became the first person to kayak the 400km length of the river, from source to sea, solo and unsupported in May 2017!

It turned out the afternoon tide was unsafe so I met the legend in Yamba at the ferry jetty. All afternoon, evening and the next day we shared stories, anecdotes, dreams and passions.

It doesn’t matter if your solo unsupported expedition is 4 years long or 400kms long, we discovered we shared very similar physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological challenges and were rewarded in ways we could not possibly have imagined before starting out on our epic quests.

Incredibly, when Hayley began planning her kayak expedition down the Clarence River she had never kayaked before. We can all learn a thing or two about dreaming big and turning it into reality from her story.

There is no holding her back! Hayley has more adventure planned.

Hayley is also a talented writer and spoken word poet. 2 months ago she published her first book of poetry, Of The Ocean, inspired by the river, ocean and their connection to our lives. Her words are moving, descriptive, inspired observations and presented beautifully in a textured book full of photos of light and sea.

You can buy the book at hayleytalbot.com/product/of-the-ocean/

“Surrender and control are not mutually exclusive –

Just because you fall doesn’t mean you can’t swan dive”

Thank you Hayley for inspiring and empowering young women to be true to themselves and live their dreams.

You can learn more about Hayley Talbot and follow her blog through the website hayleytalbot.com






Hayley, we’ll paddle together when I visit again.