What Is Happening?

What’s happening with the book?


On the 2nd May, when I arrived in Newcastle after walking 17,200kms around Australia I announced big plans for this year.


In the ignorance of someone who has never written a book I decided I could do this in 3 months. Let’s just say I’m not as ignorant as I was then. It is taking longer, it will probably take the normal amount of time, 2 years, to have my first book ready for distributing to publishers or have squirreled away enough to self-publish.


The big adventure book has evolved into something else, 2 things happened in the last 3 months of writing.


Firstly, I am sticking to the original plan of writing a collection of short adventure stories from the last 28 years of travel and trekking. The first draft is nearly half complete and each month I share a short story or segment with supporters on Patreon.


Secondly, I intended on including stories from the walk around Australia but when I tried writing these ones I began struggling with PTSD from some of the scary incidents which occurred during the last 4 years solo and unsupported. The second book will be dedicated solely to the story of my women’s record setting solo unsupported walk around Australia. Because some of the trauma is still raw I will wait before tackling more of these.


You don’t need to wait until either book is published to read the stories. As mentioned above, each month I share a short story with Patrons who have pledged a minimum of $2 a month support. These stories are exclusively for my Patrons who I call Team Roam. Some of these stories may not make the final cut before being published (I have more stories than will fit one book). Pledges of $20 will receive an ebook when it is finished and $30 will receive a signed hardcopy.


I’ll tell you more about my Patreon page, Terra Roams, soon. There are great benefits for supporters and 7 levels of pledges. It is an exciting and innovative way to support creators and adventurers.


I have had the advantage of being donated a new laptop by Phil after the old one started dying and house sat for a longtime friend Sarah in Adelaide Hills for nearly 2 months. These friends have helped tremendously. Thank you!


I enjoy writing and even though the next adventure will be another biggie the book writing will continue until the Collection of Short Adventure Stories is complete.