Funding Review

I was scrolling through recent posts and saw the sponsorship post was still up. Not anymore. Very soon after publishing that one I changed my mind about seeking sponsorship. Again.

In the last 5-6 years of expedition style adventures finding sponsorship was a bigger challenge than the quest itself. I tried unsuccessfully and stopped trying then renewed attempts and stopped.

With social media numbers now being a priority for potential sponsors I can’t meet even their basic requirements. Quantity is not the same as quality but they don’t understand this.

I made a fluttering attempt to get sponsorship before Roam 4 Eva began. It was excited when the first request received a reply but they were asking for my social media statistics.

Rather than let it upset me I decided not to worry about seeking corporate and gear sponsors. If a business wants to be part of my adventure, would like their name or equipment seen while I ride around Australia, they only need to ask. If their values and ethics match mine, and the purpose of the ride, then there is a very good chance we can work together.

A lack of sponsorship funding means I am limited to what I can do and reliant on others for help along the way. It means I need to be more creative and receptive to opportunity. There is less stress having small funds than trying to sell myself to businesses who can’t appreciate the difference between real organic influencers and influencers who buy fame.

It looks like I’m always flip-flopping between wanting sponsorship and not wanting it. I do want it! I have applied for 2 adventure grants with Australian Geographic/Nancy Bird-Walton, hoping they will continue to support what I do. Much of the stuff I use is sponsored by or discounted from the businesses who make and supply them, like Tier Gear, Mister Timbuktu, Wilderness Threadworks, Terra Rosa Gear, Slappa’s, Adventure Junky, Campers Pantry, Mont… Gear is great! but I also need funds to buy food, pay for tent sites or rooms in towns, replace unsponsored gear, keep phone data connected and many more daily, weekly and monthly expenses.

If you can help please visit my Patreon page and join Team Roam!

Patreon is how I am funding Roam 4 Eva without sponsorship and also how I will be sharing the adventure with exclusive stories, photos and videos not available on my public social media pages.  There are 7 levels of support starting at $2 a month plus you can choose anything in between. Everyone gets a postcard and unlock Patreon access to the photo gallery updated monthly, some levels get a book and much more. It isn’t crowdfunding, it is supporting my adventure and book writing in return for creative and inspiring content shared along the way.

I will be sharing more and more material on Patreon than social media, it is becoming my basecamp for updates, discoveries and events. You will be hearing more about it as I promote the page throughout the 2 year ride around Australia and as each book draws closer to completion.

I hope to see you there!