How Long is a Piece of String!

How long does it take?

A long time ago, in another life, i did Cert III in Maritime Studies to gain knowledge and crew work on the water. I was that student who asked all the questions and sometimes there were no answers. My teacher’s name was Tony and the class thought he was going to have a stroke or something, he went so red and frustrated when I refused to accept “How long is a piece of string!” for an answer. He was supposed to be the expert after all.

It has been tempting to use this question in reply to questions about the time frame of Roam 4 Eva.

Roughly, it will be 2 years, probably more.

As I have written before when and where I ride around Australia depends on the seasons. Some places I would be just plain stupid to try but there are ideal safe seasons to see those same places. I have other adventures planned when the ride pauses to wait for the heat of summer to pass. A sub Antarctic summer writers residency with a volunteer conservation stint wouldn’t be a bad idea. Does anyone read this with some AAD influence? Put a word in for me hey 😉

At no stage have I ever been under the delusion it would take only a year. I’m not the kind of rider to rush around. I took me 4 years to walk around, that was probably another record set as slowest walk around. Yes, riding is faster but I will not be aiming for more than 60-80 kilometres a day. There is way too much to see and do.

Right now I am riding slower than i walk. Well, technically, I’m moving faster but I am riding half days until my body rebuilds strength and stamina and I learn to cope in traffic. Breaking into slow and gentle.

In the last few months, before starting, I said over and over, there is no rush (except to catch the seasons) and it will be fun. In a recent social media share many people who have not been following the ride offered advice echoing my own words. It is good to see this is what people want to see, a slow bike tour, no rushed traverses or speed records.

Roam 4 Eva is about the experience and everything along the way. People, places, discoveries and insights. I’m doing something many dream of, travel around Australia by any means is possible for everyone, depending on how much you’re willing to do to get there. I know for a fact many people are taking notes for their own journey. Some are reliving their own adventures as I pass though places they have visited. Many more are living vicariously through my adventures. The walk was and the ride will be a slow journey full of adventure, Nature and ideas.

Last weekend I had a chat about the difference between an adventurer and journeyer with an Australian adventurer and a Swedish vagabond. We all have differing perceptions of these concepts and it was interesting to reflect on which is the most appropriate for my adventures. Both are suitable. I have been on a journey, living on the road since 1990. This journey has been filled with incredible adventure all over the world. Sometimes I go with the flow and don’t put much thought into direction or circumstances force me to change direction. I prefer to intentionally choose which adventure and how to do it.

Adventure within adventure within adventure on a long lifelong journey living in the freedom of a life on the road.

How long will this ride take? How long is a piece of string?