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On the 2nd May 2018 Terra Roam became the first woman to walk 17,000kms solo unsupported around Australia.

The next big adventure, Roam 4 Eva, begins in October when Terra rides for 2 years and 20,000kms around Australia on her Surly disc trucker called Eva promoting ethical, sustainable and responsible adventure travel supporting conservation, culture and community.

She has filled her life with experiences most people only dream about.

Childhood camping, bushwalking, cycling and sailing planted and nurtured the seeds of adventure, curiosity and exploring Nature.

In 1989 Terra joined the Jindabyne Venturer Unit and Edinburgh Award Scheme where she was introduced to multi-day bushwalking, bike touring and participated in inter-school, national scouting and international nordic ski races. Familiarity with the Alps and a love of adventure sport quickly led to solo multi-week activities in the Australian Alps.

Over the last 25 years Terra has travelled the world, living, working, exploring and volunteering in Europe, Africa, Persian Gulf, India, Nepal, South East Asia and Pacific Oceania.

While on one of these overseas adventures she was asked many questions about places back home in Australia she had never been too so in recent years Terra has decided to spend more time discovering Australia.

It is a big country and there is a lot to see but the best way is at walking pace where you get the full sensory experience. For 4 years Terra walked 17,000kms alone around Australia but still feels she has only seen a small part of it so the next adventures will be bike touring, kayaking and more wilderness.

Throughout the last 20 to 30 years the freedom to roam has helped Terra in many ways including physical and mental health, self-awareness and peace. When she feels most lost it is in Nature she finds her way back.